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Commissioned Artwork


Island 10 Fishing Retreat

My fishing trip to Island 10 Fishing Retreat in 2020 was incredible and I knew I wanted to do a piece of artwork to capture the beauty and tranquility of this amazing place. 


The Boat House was created using overlapping slices of fall oak leaves to represent the natural wood of this structure. It is finished off with a burning bush leaf for the door, as well as a yellow gingko leaf, blue daisy petals and touches of birch leaves for the sign. The roof is made of red daisy petals with touches of blue daisy and white larkspur petals for the wind vane and antenna.


The dock is created using yellow gingko leaves and fall oak leaves. Burplerium petals with high mountain silver stem, rue, and silver leaves make up the boat. The shadow of the boat and dock was created using blue daisy petals while blue chrysanthemum petals make up the rest of the water. Birch leaves were used for the trees with pieces of bark representing the rocks along the shoreline. The mottled blue of blue hydrangea petals captures the sky with fall birch leaves for the ducks in flight. The rainbow was created using blue larkspur, yellow rose and bougainvillea petals.


Original Art - Pressed Botanicals On Archival Paper

Size 10x8"” - Framed Under Glass

Sunset Over Brennan Harbour

I created this piece for my fishing buddy and dear friend, Kirsten. 


The sky and the sunset are created using layers of blue daisy, dark blue chrysanthemum, yellow rose petals and fall maple leaves with little touches of yellow rose in the sky. Trees line the shore using assorted green leaves, while the reflection of the sky and trees can be seen on the water in the harbour. Final touches include fall oak leaves for the planks of the dock, red daisy, white marguerite, burplerium, and yellow larkspur petals for the boat, pressed bark for the rocks, and rosemary pieces for the marsh grasses.


Original Art - Pressed Botanicals On Archival Paper

Size 10x8” - Framed Under Glass


This Boston Terrier was commissioned by its owner.


Gordon is created with red rose and white marguerite petals for the main body with touches of burplerium petals for the eyes and nostrils. Green leaves were used for the nose and collar.


Original Art - Pressed Botanicals On Archival Paper

Size 6x8"” - Framed Under Glass


This artwork is of a beloved Brittany Spaniel and was commissioned by his owner.


The head of the spaniel is created using four different shades of the orange cosmos sulphureus flower. While the eyes and nose are augmented by burplerium petals and fern leaves. The ray florets of the white marguerite flower were used for the face and body with an underlay of the orange cosmos sulphureus petals. Finally red rose and red hydrangea petals were used for the mouth.


Original Art - Pressed Botanicals On Archival Paper

Size 8x10"” - Framed Under Glass

Cardinals At The Feeder

This beautiful image of a female and male cardinal was created for a friend to capture these birds by their feeder.


The female cardinal was created using fall oak, red Japanese maple, nine bark, and natural Japanese maple leaves, as well as a red rose petal for the beak. The male cardinal was created by layering red rose petals, accented with nine bark leaves and flat fern. Bark was layered for the tree branch and pieces of  hare's tail grass represent the last of snow remaining after winter. The feeder was created using stems from the hare's tail grass and pieces of bark to represent the seeds and the background branches are pieces of ying yang grass.


Original Art: Pressed Botanicals on Archival Paper

Size: 14x11" Framed Under Glass

Rose Trellis Glass Panel

As an artist I am often asked by my friends, "What about doing this?" or "Could you do this?" And so I was asked if I could create a glass panel with the only limitations being that it include roses and butterflies. 


This glass panel is of a rose trellis created with pressed roses, rose buds, rose leaves and vines hand cut from pressed leaves. The butterflies are made with red rose petals. The final piece was treated with two different mediums; one to create an antique glass effect and the other a UV varnish to prevent fading from the sun.


Original Art - Pressed Botanicals On Glass Panel

Size 16 1/2” x 31” - Six Pane Glass Panel

West Montrose Covered Bridge

The West Montrose Covered Bridge is an iconic landmark in Waterloo County and is Ontario's last remaining covered bridge. This piece was commissioned by the great-nephew of the original builders and was a "must have" for its new owner.


The bridge was created using fall sumac leaves for the main body with nine bark leaves for the roof. White larkspur petals, nine bark and petite licorice leaves complete the bridge with fall oak leaves for the fence. Light blue larkspur, dyed blue chrysanthemum and dyed blue daisy petals make up the sky and water. This piece was completed with aspen leaves for the trees and tropaeolum leaves for the grass.


Original Art: Pressed Botanicals on Arches Watercolour Paper

Size: 12x9"  Framed by owner.


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